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Automate outreach on LinkedIn & Email using high levels of personalization to thousands of prospects via smart sequences.

Leadriver is your digital outreach solution for today's environment.

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Trusted by fast growing Startups and Enterprises


 Supercharge  your LinkedIn outreach with intelligent automation.

LinkedIn Outreach

Send 500+ connection requests weekly using Boost mode. Combine them with our View & Follow features and test personalized strategies to maximize your acceptance rate.

Utilize Multi-channel 
targeting strategies

It doesn't end there

Email Outreach

Combine Email with your LinkedIn outreach in one sequence and triple your response rate. It doesn’t matter what email provider you use, we support all of them and it takes seconds to set everything up.

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We make sure your emails get  delivered 

Email Discovery & Verification

Need emails? Our system find your prospects’ business Emails using specific data points on LinkedIn. Say goodbye to high bounce rates with our in-built auto verification feature. 

Add  creativity  to enhance conversion

Native Image & GIF personalization

Include hyper-personalized Images & GIFs into your outreach and double the response rate. Send dynamic images from Leadrivers' platform directly into your leads’ LinkedIn and Email inboxes!

Create  scenarios  based on your leads’ behavior

Smart Sequences

Smart Sequences are groundbreaking algorithms that allow you to use multi channel outreach and personalization to their maximum potential. Combine different actions in one sequence and define the time delay between them. Set up conditions and create different if/else outcomes in your sequence.

All-in-One Plan

All features included. Attractive discounts for multiple users. 24/7 live support.



Per account/month

Smart Inbox (LinkedIn & Email at one place, labeling, saved replies)

Detailed reports & analytics

LinkedIn outreach

Email outreach

Email discovery & verification

Image & GIF hyper-personalization

Smart Sequences (multichannel outreach based on leads’ behavior)

Integration with any existing or custom-made webhook

Personalized Invites to Connect, Messages, InMails, and Emails

Manage multiple accounts under one user

 Unlimited number of campaigns

Integration with LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator & Recruiter

Connect any email provider

Import CSV file campaigns

Automated profile views & follows

Targeting leads who reacted to a LinkedIn post

Export campaign data options

What Our Users are Saying

Leadriver is amazing at automatizing exactly the task which used to take so much time for us. I do think that the quality of the platform is clear given the tremendous high response rate.

Co Founder, Retraced

Peter Merkert

This platform is a total outbound solution. We generated 47+ positive responses in the first 2 campaigns. The smart sequencing feature and GIF personalization helped tremendously.

Head of Sales, Found8

Clyde Andrade

This multi channel outreach platform is jam packed with features. I have not found anything else like it. We are getting leads on autopilot. I would recommend this platform to anyone looking to up their growth game.

Founder, Callify

Chetan Indap

Really impressed with the Leadriver automation platform which allows us to target our prospects via LinkedIn and Email. I especially liked the feature they have that discovers and verifies email addresses automatically.

Partner, Pickcel

Taylor Smith

I credit this platform with ease of use and most importantly, results. We can target thousands all on auto-pilot. Their customer service team is also very helpful in guiding us!

Marketing Head, Datoms

Luuk De Jagger

The leadriver platform was a big force in helping our sales team build a strong pipeline of leads. There are alot of interesting features which is crucial to get strong results in today's environment. I would recommend!

Marketing Team, FutureX

Chris Lambert

Accelerate your lead pipeline 
with Leadriver

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